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The relationship between Canada's medical marijuana program and law enforcement has often been thorny. "Gaining access to or control of a medical marijuana grow operation is highly desirable for criminal networks," warned an RCMP report last year. "Criminal groups are currently exploiting Health Canada's MMAR [Marihuana Medical Access Regulations] program." Get up to speed. Read the rest of our law primer on medical marijuana >

Alison Myrden Russell Barth Nicholas Long Jeremy Echols, father of Alex

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Alison Myrden

William VanderGraaf

"I don't think many officers were aware of medical marijuana rules when they first came in."

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Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti

Mark Mander

"If you have a legitimate reason to have marijuana, then you go to a doctor and it's prescribed to you. We're okay with that."

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Russell Barth

Alan Young

"From day one, Canada's medical marijuana project was imposed on the government by the courts. That explains the rocky road we have had to travel."

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Jeremy Echols, father of Alex

Sgt. Dean Hoover

"The current system is being badly abused, and I think the federal government is finally starting to realize it's just not regulated enough"

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